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Gearbox repairs and mobil oil Warwick and Leamington SpaLambsdon's Motor Services
is a Mobil 1 Service Centre

Lambsdon's Motor Services are an approved Mobil 1 Service Centre, which means that your car gets a superior service using high quality Mobil lubricants.

RMI Approved Gearbox repairs Warwick and Leamington SpaA Garage You Can Trust.

Lambsdon's Motor Services have signed up to the Retail Motor Industry Federation's customer charter. We are dedicated to maintain the highest standard of care for our customers and their cars.

Gearbox repairs
Warwick and Leamington Spa

Change up to a re-manufactured gearbox from Lambsdon’s.

Motorists in Leamington Spa and Warwick – and indeed throughout the UK – are changing their cars less frequently than was the case in the past. This is not just in response to difficult economic conditions but, more positively, because technological progress has made modern cars more durable and reliable than they have ever been before. We don’t change as early or as often, simply because we don’t need to.

Even so, the car has yet to be built which can be expected to operate efficiently indefinitely, and when a major problem crops up – with the gearbox, for instance – you have a decision to make. Do you bite the bullet and buy a new car? Or do you repair your present one?

Obviously, a re-manufactured gearbox is an much less expensive option. But apart from its far, far lower price, a Lambsdon’s re-manufactured gearbox really is virtually indistinguishable from a brand-new unit.

A re-manufactured gearbox is built, from the ground up, to exactly the same specification as the original. It uses precisely the same components. It’s assembled and tested to the same strict standards as the original. All of which explains why a re-manufactured gearbox from Lambsdon’s performs every bit as well and just as reliably as a factory-fresh new one.

Another argument in favour of a Lambsdon’s re-manufactured gearbox – and an increasingly persuasive one in these environmentally-aware days – is that it truly is a shining example of re-cycling. So, if like many other motorists, you believe that re-cycling is the right and responsible option, you might well agree that a re-manufactured gearbox from Lambsdon’s is, in fact, even better than a new one!

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Lambsdon's Motor Services, 15 Collins Road, Heathcote Industrial Estate, Warwickshire, CV34 6TF. United Kingdom. Telephone: 01926 450400.Company Registration Number 7995543

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